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Ideas at the Intersection


Innovative ideas lie at the intersection: the intersection of disciplines, of points-of-view, of undergraduate and graduate education, of thought and action.

Northwestern students thrive at this intersection. They don’t just read, they create. They don’t just listen, they react. They don’t just perceive, they envision. Through research, entrepreneurship, and design thinking, Northwestern students move beyond theory into implementation, tackling problems both known and not yet imagined.

Our students’ Ideas at the Intersection come from everywhere: from courses, student groups, and from the creativity and ambition of self-assembled teams. Every quarter, students present new products, apps, and systems in areas such as healthcare, energy, and environment. They pitch their solutions to clients, investors, and the world. They bring their ideas to life.

Projects come to life in several different ways at Northwestern.

Some projects are born in NUvention, our flagship suite of interdisciplinary courses that expose students to the innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle and help them create viable businesses. The courses are based in the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which develops and teaches groundbreaking entrepreneurship courses and provides mentorship for budding entrepreneurs.

Other projects come from design courses in the Segal Design Institute, which provides interdisciplinary programs for undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals that teach collaboration and leadership in design thinking.

Still other projects are born out of the Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, where business leaders – from startups to large corporations – discover new ideas and turn them into valuable goods and services.

And finally, students develop innovative ideas in extracurricular student groups, including:

When projects are ready to be taken to the next level, they find a home at The Garage, which provides space and programming for students to build their ideas and businesses.

Explore our projects to find out not what’s happening now, but what’s happening next.

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