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An app that makes it easier to organize and manage job applications

For new graduates, the prospect of transitioning from school to the workforce can be daunting. But even before beginning a career, students must first navigate the complex, inefficient process of applying for jobs. As candidates submit dozens of applications across different company websites, job search sites, and social media platforms, overseeing each application’s status can quickly become unmanageable.

Determined to help relieve the stress new graduates experience during the application experience, a NUvention: Web + Media team created Juggleboard, an online platform that organizes and tracks all job applications within one simple, intuitive dashboard.

Members of the Juggleboard team showcase their startup during the NUvention: Web + Media final presentations.
Members of the Juggleboard team showcase their startup during the NUvention: Web + Media final presentations.

Students easily feel overwhelmed by the number of different websites and portals they need to search and sign up for to submit an application. There’s no tool in the market to organize all of their applications effectively.Vijeta Ojha, Juggleboard, co-founder

How It Works

Juggleboard's Google Chrome extension allows job seekers to save postings from any website directly to their job board on Juggleboard. With all of their applications in one place, users can easily update and track the progress of their applications, review to-do lists, and access company information without having to leave the platform.


Providing Relief to Job Seekers

Juggleboard's Pipeline feature allows users to visually track their progress for a given application.The team felt inspired to develop Juggleboard after recognizing their shared struggles to effectively manage their own job search process. Collectively, the team had applied to more than 160 different openings before starting Juggleboard, and believed they would have benefitted from a centralized hub to track their different applications. By providing a single outlet to identify and execute specific task items unique to each job post, the team is confident their service addresses a growing need for job seekers in today’s job market.

“There are expected to be 4.5 million college graduates entering the workforce in 2017,” said Vijeta Ojha, Juggleboard co-founder. “The job search process as it stands now is not built for them. We think Juggleboard can change that.”

Current Status

The team launched beta testing in May to more than 70 users at Northwestern. After showcasing the app during the NUvention: Web + Media final presentations, the team is preparing for a formal launch of the platform in August to coincide with the start of the fall job search season. In addition, the team will serve as fall residents at Northwestern's The Garage, where they work to further expand their platform to additional universities in the Chicagoland area.

Updated October 2017

CourseNUVention: Web + Media
Team MembersSophia Lou (computer science), Nicholas McCombe (manufacturing and design engineering, economics, entrepreneurship certificate), Vijeta Ojha (Medill School of Journalism, Media, Intergrated Marketing Communications), Haridu Senadeera (computer science), Armaan Shah (computer science)
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